Laid Back Consulting

“Laid Back” – Relaxed, easygoing, free and easy, casual, nonchalant, unexcitable, unruffled, blasé, cool, equable, even-tempered, non-confrontational, calm, unflustered, unflappable, leisurely, unhurried, Type-B, phlegmatic, tolerant, and so on.

“Consulting” – A business of one or more experienced experts who provide advice and services to businesses, organizations or individuals for a fee.


Laid Back Consulting

There are millions of businesses in the United States, and many thousands of new businesses starting up every day. Many, if not most, can significantly benefit from what my team and I can do for them. If you would like to discuss the possibilities of working together to increase your sales and overall visitor impression, and you are easy to work with, then by all means… get in touch. If you are in any way difficult to work with… please find someone else.

My rate for consulting starts at $125 per hour… about the same as I was charging back in 1987 (adjusted for inflation)… when a very pleased client hired me as General Manager of their very fast-growing, very innovative and high tech manufacturing company in the gift industry. This turned into 16 very enjoyable and stimulating years. I retired early in 2004 and moved to Hawaii.

My website is constantly a work in progress as I add, remove or modify services, report success stories, etc. Stay tuned…